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MoneyControl: history of creation and growth «MoneyControl»

MoneyControl was created as a subsidiary company in 2001 as a result of a merger between Osaka and Kyoto Stock Exchanges and started its activity on the leading Japanese stock, commodity and financial markets. Mr Minoru Mori, a Japanese billionaire, became the new owner. As the company's capital was predominantly private with the controlling stake remaining with Mr Mori, the company continued to be a closed joint-stock company with only few being able to access its services. The company had successfully been handling all its functions for the following seven years working within the mentioned business focus.

Due to the mortgage crisis in the US in 2008 resulting in the bigger international one, MoneyControl managed to take the vacant places in the exchange business globally. With regards to the unique business strategy and trading technology, MoneyControl has significantly increased its sphere of interests and number of big trading partners. This allowed the company to reach the financial turnover of 3 billion 840 million USD between 2008-2009, which is why MoneyControl has confidently gained a seat among the biggest exchange players in the world.

MoneyControl is steadily expanding to the transnational stock marketing field as a result of serious achievements, and the new developmental level reached between 2009 and 2011. It is pushing its assets onto the most compelling stock, commodity and financial markets, such as SGX, LME, NYSE and NASDAQ. Therefore, more than 100 new strategies and business investment tactics have been created with no equivalents existing in the world. This all has given a new basis for developing an innovative strategy: procurement of private investment and cooperation with investors around the globe, reinforcing the market dominance and supporting the rule of new technologies.

However, in 2012 Mr Minoru Mori died, and the board of directors decided to split company assets and freeze its activity in the capacity of an international counteragent. In 2015 a former head of the Strategical Development Department, Marko Milosevic, backed by Hiroshi Mikitani, a Japanese billionaire, bought out the controlling stock and became Director General of MoneyControl. Mr Milosevic's first strategically correct decision was aimed at company re-registration and relocation of its principal legal and financial requisites to a country-member of the Commonwealth. Thus, MoneyControl as a resident of such country provided for safety and security of its assets using the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Nothern Ireland as a protectorate.

MoneyControl: history of creation and growth «MoneyControl»

In a result, on 13 January 2016 MoneyControl received a new international licence and became a full participant of the exchange trading. It gave another push to its development and allowed to have broader opportunities in investment services procurement around the world so that every potential investor can become a partner. Throughout 2016, the new director, Marko Milosevic, together with a team of world-class professionals in tactical exchange analysis and trading were actively and successfully reinstating activity on the global stock, commodity and financial transactions. The team implements new opportunities for trading on FX, which is making MoneyControl's investment climate even more lucrative for private investors both passive and active profit-making.

«We have reached and conquered the peaks because of the comprehensive analysis of the global economy and constant monitoring of all critical events 24/7, which provides for the safest deals and maximum profit. Therefore, we guarantee the absolute security of all investments and financial transactions, which are also insured by our authorising capital of 100 000 000 USD.»
– Marko Milosevic, Director General of MoneyControl

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